Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Chanukah

This should have been posted on the 14th, but I was fighting a very bad cold and am just starting to recover, so it's a bit late--but I think just as wonderful.

Tonight we celebrated night 4 of Chanukah at the home 2 of our daughters share, along with baby granddaughter and her father, youngest daughter's fiance, and our younger son, who still lives at home.Our youngest daughter has been coming over to help make latkes for the last few years, and even has her own Kitchen Magician (a non-electric gadget with various cutting and grating wheels without which I would probably never make anything requiring grating--I don't like the texdture produced by a food processor, and between arthritis, carpal tunnel, & fibromyalgia I can't do it by hand.So tonight her sister made sort of soupy chicken and she made perfect crispy latkes, and we used the menorah (very similar to my grandfather's) that she'd asked for a few Chanukahs ago. When I light my menorah I feel connected to my mother and her mother and so on back beyond counting, and tonight I had the naches of seeing that connection moving onward to a new generation. I am truly blessed. Leslie

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  1. What a lovely piece. I am glad to hear you enjoyed Chanukah.