Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Art and sales

I have 2 etsy shops.
The first one, The Creative Block, at www.siragwatkins.etsy.com sells my own stuff, a few vintage items, and the occasional exceptional carving or casting from my international (usually Asian) suppliers.
The second one, Findings, www.leslietsy.etsy.com sells findings, beads, components of various sorts for people who make their own jewelry or whatever.
Of course Findings has many more sales--but just when I'm feeling really discouraged and wondering whether it's even worth keeping The Creative Block online, I'll get a sale.
Tonight was one of those times--the sale was a small one, which is OK--I try to keep a range of prices in the store so just about anyone can afford something--but this was interesting. I have some handmade fused glass pendants and a few other things for about the same price.as well as some pieces I'm really pleased with for more, but what sold was a pair of earrings with tiny Pet Milk cans dangling from a piece of filigree attached to an earwire. I tried to put a link here, but it doesn't work--you can see them by clicking The Creative Block link and going to the sold items list in the lower part of the right-hand column.
Of course I'm happy--it's a sale, and it is something I made--but I also have mixed emotions about these, of all the cool things in my store, being what sold. They're humorous, of course, and nostalgic, and kind of cute, but........
I'm not sure exactly what the word for this is--I think irony may be as close as I can get.
I'm not complaining, mind, just a bit bemused--comments are welcome!

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