Friday, May 21, 2010

Alan Grayson's new bill

I love this man!  I don't usually post political content here, but this is so utterly right on sensible that I think everyone needs to read it. Whether you sign is of course your own decision, but his way of presenting things is thought-provoking at the least. It's certainly a unique approach, but of the sort that makes you wonder why no one else thought of it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Little New Work

I've actually made a couple of things not for sale lately--one was this strange bird for a "birds of a feather" swap.

And the other is this bracelet, a comission for a gift for a friend's friend.
It was pretty interesting--the style was set & the colors were more or less chosen. 
I had fun figuring out the long cloth beads and making the somewhat disparate elements come together, which I think did happen in the end. 

I'm still struggling with another piece that isn't quite working, but think I'll take a break and play dolls for awhile!

Monday, May 3, 2010

New work on The Creative Block and time for summer selling orders

I've finally made a few pieces from the gorgeous carved stone and glass flowers and the goofy little Pet Milk cans I've had sitting around waiting to be used.  They should show up on the slideshow to the left or, of course, can be seen on The Creative Block, where you can go by clicking any link in the slideshow.

In addition, I'm getting Findings, my supply store, ready for summer. This means especially that I'll be ordering quantities of these black rubber neckcords, which are our best seller, and of the ribbon and cord neckbands, which run a close second.  If you are someone who will need 100 or more of these (or anything else in my shop!) for summer craft fairs, tourist sales, theme conferences, etc., now is the time to order so I'll be sure to have enough.  My order should go in pretty immediately after our citywide Artists' Garage Sale on May 22 and should arrive the first or 2nd week in June. If you need something before that I may have it, but check before the 22nd--lots of things usually sell out at the garage sale.

And now it's back to my workroom--I'm on a creative roll and will be posting more soon