Thursday, August 5, 2010

I've been working.....

Bother--I still haven't figured out how to get my text & pics where I want them!

Oh, well, I know you can figure it out.

The top pic (and a couple of others) are Funky Monkey (from a song we heard in every taxicab in China as we were leaving) and Guy With Tie, which should be obvious.

The next 2 pics are Steam Punk centerpieces for a couple of commisions I'm doing with our friend Chase. He & Caroline & I did the Tacoma Arts Walk last month & will do it again on the 19th of this month & third Thurs in Sept, too, and we sold a couple of pieces and got these commissions to do a "guy sort of thing" .
Chase will be adding a hemp neckpiece --green & black for the piece on the left(on an antler base), purple & black for the one on the right(on a tagua nut/vegetable ivory slice).
I don't know if you can tell, but the one on the right, which is for Gregory Fricker, a painter whose opening our show shared,  incorporates crystals in gold, blue (well, bluegreen in this case), and purple, colors he loves to use.

Funky Monkey started out as a piece of probably faux Aztec broken jewelry, with a missing face. Somehow this monkey just managed to attach himself & I added the piece near his belt that looks a little like a sword and the gold gear near his belt. But he needed more, and after I finished the two above I came back to him and added the crystal below the sword, the gears near his left hand, and the watch part wings or cloak pieces. Now I think he's ready to fly.
Guy With Tie just sort of happened. I had this piece of glass I'd fused & didn't know what to do with, & then I looked at it and realized it was a body with a striped tie. So I mounted it on a piece of filigree, added a Peruvian ceramic head, et voila! there he was.  He's nicer than the pic, too.

These are not formal portraits, just quick shots to show what I've been up to besides keeping up with my etsy stores (where you can see some new BJD jewelry I've also made) , playing in our beautiful raised bed garden (built for us by GRUB), & getting ready for 2 more granddaughters due this fall  --not to mention all the usual life-gets-in-the-way stuff.

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As always, comments are welcome.  In fact, PLEASE comment--sometimes I feel that I'm talking to myself out here! 


  1. You definitely aren't talking to yourself - I'm 'listening' (and admiring your latest creations). I really like the steampunk style and your little funky monkey is adorable!

  2. Thanks! It's nice to know someone's out there & even nicer that you like my stuff.