Saturday, June 12, 2010


This guy has been hanging around my work space for months, trying to decide what he wants to be.  He started, of course, with the face, which I put on a filigree background. But then he started to tell me a story about how he came here to work on the railroad. The boss was convinced that all "Chinks" could cook, so he stuck him in the kitchen car.  Thus the frypan, coffee pot, coffee cup.  But he didn't know how to cook, and is bad at it, so everyone's eating lousy food. The only good part is that it lets him save money to go back to China, and of course the clock is about time standing still. So that's as far as we've gotten, and he's miserable. 

This guy, on the other hand, worked on the railroad but also started doing laundry for a small fee. He made enough at the laundry business to quit and buy a place in a small town on the RR line where he lived frugally  behind the laundry and was able to save a sizable sum and go home to China to be married, since Chinese women were not being admitted to the  US.   But fianlly, after they had been seaprated for years except on his rare visits home, he was able to get her and their two children admitted to the US. Though they all lived behind the laundry, and worked there except when the children were in school, they were happy to be together.  Eventually they were able to buy a small house nearby, and to send their children to college.  Their daughter is now a doctor and their son an engineer. 
But I'm still not sure where this piece is going! 

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