Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Little New Work

Just a quick view before I post on etsy.
I got some new 6pointed stars (stars of David or mogen Doved or magen David) in both a lovely filigree and some vintage purple glass and just had to make a few earrings.
I'm wearing the test version of this one myself and have been 24/7 for somewhere between 10 days & 2 weeks. I was a little worried about the curve of the filigree stars and whether the glass ones would hang well & be stable.  All's well, I like them a lot & get compliments, & will get Seth to take a pic of them in use if I can get his attention.
This is the 2nd pair, not the ones I'm wearing.

I also made a pair with blue links, which will show up on etsy.

And another (which I call "A Wing and a Prayer") from the glass stars & another cool charm that just arrived.

And Seth did take a pic of an earring in use--not too flattering to me,  but does show the earring on an ear.

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