Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gregory Fricker's new necklace

Greg is a painter, and he illustrates children's books, so having him commission a piece from our friend Chase Arevalo and me was especially nice--working for other artists is fun. (And he has a painting I'm hoping to do a trade for, too.)
I wish you could see Chase's knotting a little better--we should have gotten a pic on the table, but once Greg got the piece there was no way he was taking it off--he said he loves it so much he's going to read it bedtime stories: "And then the little dragon said...."
Greg also bought a little piece of mine for his about-to-be-wife at last month's Artswalk, and, much to my delight, he said she wore it for their wedding and every day before and since.
So there it is.
Chase and maybe Caroline and I are working on a few more ideas for collaboration. No one else seems to be doing what we're doing yet, so we're hoping to get some press for it.

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  1. God I love this necklace. Morgana loves hers too. It's about time for me to add to my horde of your work again: )