Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two new swap dolls

I did these pieces for 2 different groups--Tweedledee & Tweedledum were for Fantastic Flat Paper Dolls; the theme was anything from Alice in Wonderland. I wanted them to move, and, as you can see, my first try was not so good. When it occurred to me to attach the arms on top, things improved quickly.

The second swap was for Decidedly Different Dolls, with a Queen of Hearts theme, and I decided to use Alice after she becomes a queen for this one. I added some fringey ribbon yarn, a bit of metal mesh, and a scepter topped with a satin heart covered in irridescent nail polish. Again, I wanted movement, & got it, but the yarn limits it somewhat.

I especially wanted to use the Tenniel illustrations from my childhood copy of Through the Looking Glass rather than the Disney versions, which are too sweet and one-dimensional for my taste.

I don't think these are my best work (but not all of it can be) but am satisfied enough now to mail them off to my swap partners.

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