Monday, March 3, 2014

As promised, some before & WIP (work in progress) photos

None of these are listed yet, though the triple (which you can see will be steampunk -- well, they probably all will be -- & another originally like it are I think finished, as is the "African" one.

This is the raw material for a Valentiney set -- displayed locally, but not yet sold.

 I've been working on this one for awhile, and it's almost done -- really just needs more chain & a clasp. But I can't get the pendant to hang the way I want it, so probably need to remove and try again.
Notice the clock parts incorporated in the chain -- plenty of steampunk elements, but subtle.

Shortly, 2 rather elegant non-steampunk pieces -- one a carved face strung with real emeralds & pearls, the other a gorgeous purple titanium druzy wire wrapped by Chase Arevalo & strung with some stunning purple beads.  Plus, if I can photograph them, 2 wild pieces incorporating sari silk, chain, souvenir spoons, gem donuts, and a number of other interesting items. Fun!

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