Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A very busy month!

Please read this post bottom to top. Pics posted backwards!

4. And I finally gor ALMOST the 3 generations pic I wanted
with Anne-Sarah, Jenni, &  Ellie--we'll try for one with  Jazzie next time,   10/16/10

3.And a few days after that, on the 16th,baby Jenni grabbed her Zaide Seth's fnger & refused to let go!

2. A few days later, on the 11th, the day my mom would have been 101 hd she lived that long, we went to see Jenni and family, but Jenni, Anne, and Nick's mom had gone to the doctor, so we had some rare time with Jasmine (middle daughter) and her dughter Ellie, at 19 mos. getting some gymnastics tips from mom. 

A bit later Jenni & crew came home & almost immediately got a call from doc's office to go directly to ER--she was apparently quite dehydrated - some breastfeeding difficulties I suspect had to do wth being induced.
So it was off to ER for all of us, where some formula was added and Jenni was allowed to return home.

Pics, of course, uploaded backwrds. Here's the first family photo with newborn Jenni Fae Hickey, mom Anne-Sarah (our youngest daughter), dad Nick -- a few hours after almost 3 days of induced labor &; little sleep.
Jenni arrived at 10:39 am on Oct. 6,2010, weighing 8 lbs., 8 oz. & 20 " tall.

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