Monday, September 27, 2010

more new work

Some things I've made and am working on. Some may hit etsy before Fri., but some may debut at the CraftX Oly show linked with Artswalk on Fri.
On the other hand, our new granddaughter may decide to emerge before Fri., in which case I'll be extremely happy that I'm sharing a booth, since Chase & Caroline will carry on for me.
But anyway, some pics.  Bear in mind that bone hates to be photographed, so some of the skull pics are not that great.
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As usual, having trouble with picture placement. This is called "Not so secret garden" and there's a closeup near the bottom.

This may be called "Octopus's Garden", though I'm not sure you can see the octopus, but I think it's really about Amelia Earhart, whose landing site may finally have been located.  There are several pics of this, at least one of which has migrated to the bottom of this post.

These are very Mexican feeling Caterina earrings for Dia de los Muertos. Skulls, flowers, lacy silver parasols--too bad they're impossible to photograph well! I hope you can get the idea.

Little steam punk skull earrings. Got raves as I was making them at last show.

Inside of the garden piece
Lush garden in a tagua nut almost-box --one of my friend Ann Beal's rejects. I think it's just an ornament - really heavy & clumsy to wear, but everyone who's seen it, even Seth, oohed & aahed.  I remembered that I CAN do other things than steampunk.  I like the glowy stuff inside--sort of like a coral reef or maybe underground grotto. Several pics, spread out.

Another rejected tagua shell. Not sure yet which way it goes or what goes in it, but think it will come easily.

Little antler log(?) also from Ann--wonder what will come out of the faucet?

Chase & I did a couple of bracelets--steam punk watch case centers with knotted hemp bands. This one needed pins. As you can see, I've added some in my own style.

 Crowned skulls with tiny spikes--more Dia de los Muertos. And below, aside from the pics that mysteriously moved down, just skulls with diff numbers of spikes on diff earring backs.

That's it for the moment. Hope to have more before (and after) Fri., along with pics of baby Jenni Fae.

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  1. You've been a busy girl Leslie!! Thanks for the pic of the tagua shell - I've often wondered what they look like.